Why you need a Will?

When you have kids, a will is important for the following reasons:

  1. To make it clear who should get your money and assets,
  2. So that the Courts won’t decide on the legal guardians for your kids if you and your partner is no longer there.

Why use Hero Life?

Most young parents only need a simple Will and don’t need to get legal experts to set this up for them.

Hero offers an online Will that is easy to complete on your own. We are always there to help and we don’t charge for it. We can also refer you to experts should you need a more complex Will.

What to expect?

Complete your details

Sign your Will

Will Check

File away

Once you click start, you’ll answer a couple of questions. We’ll take your details, draft and send you your Will. You need to sign your Will and send it back to us to check if everything is in order. That’s it!